Docomomo Brazil
5th Seminar Docomomo Brazil SP
DATE: 16/10/2017
"The V Seminar DOCOMOMO SP 2017 considers the modern patrimony of São Paulo as a peculiar manifestation in the context of Brazilian and international cultural movements with which it has established significant ties, crossing geographical and temporal borders to gain contemporary recognition. The modern architecture of São Paulo and its protagonists - architects who designed and built these buildings - have been attracting the interest of researchers from all over the world. Therefore, although regional in the theme, the V Seminar DOCOMOMO SP 2017 defines itself as international in the scope of the contents that it proposes to examine and to debate. The proposed guidelines for the V Seminar DOCOMOMO SP 2017 allow a wide variety of approaches, stimulating the debate of interested parties in the preservation of the patrimony of the modern São Paulo architecture, both in the academic and technical-professional spheres."

The Seminar will focus three temathics:
-  Acknowledgment
- Intervention
- Management 

More details: website [portuguese] + website [spanish/english]