Docomomo Switzerland
Symposium: Max Schlup 2017
DATE: 1/7/2017
On 1 July 2017, at the Farelhaus in Biel, Switzerland, the Max Schlup Symposium will happen. 

"Docomomo Switzerland is pleased to announce the Max Schlup 2017 Symposium organized by the Federation of Swiss Architects - BSA Bern, Solothurn, Freiburg, Oberwallis, in partnership with Docomomo Switzerland, based in the TSAM laboratory. Devoted to the theme "Bauten der Nachkriegsarchitektur zeitgemäss & zukunftsfähig"[Buildings of the post-war architecture are contemporary & future-oriented], this day of study aims to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the architect Max Schlup of Berne (1917-2013) by a reflection on the preservation of the architecture of the second (Program attached). The Symposium will be held on Saturday 1 July at the recently restored Schlup Farelhaus. The contributions of the speakers are gathered in the BSA Booklet 6, which will be published at the symposium."

More details: pdf (German)