Docomomo France
Bulletin Docomomo France
DATE: 8/5/2017
Is now available the Bulletin Docomomo France special number: "Claude Parent, la pensée subversive / l´œuvre perturbatrice". 

"Architect, theorist, artist, draftsman, polemicist, Claude Parent was undeniably a figure with brilliant and contradictory personality; A blend of charisma, ego, creativity and talent. A stranger to conventional categorization because of his anti-conformist and provocative attitudes, this uneducated rebel, anti-school of Fine Arts (but elected academic in 2005), frequented the post-war avant-garde , Created in 1951 by the sculptor André Bloc and the neo-visual artist Félix del Marle, to the circle of Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely, Nicolas Schöffer and the architect Ionel Schein. As a precursor, he did not hesitate in the mid-1950s to make a deep epistemological break with the ending modernism whose dogmas he rejected in order to explore the visionary power of experimental research based on "destabilizing" principles in terms Spatial organization."

This special issue of the Docomomo France Bulletin is available:
- as a free-to-read digital edition: website [french]
- in print edition distributed on Amazon: website

Soon will be available the translated edition into english!