Docomomo Italy
Assembly: All’interno del moderno – Conservazione e
DATE: 12/5/2017
"The annual assembly of DOCOMOMO Italia Onlus is due to take place this year in Naples following the referral to the seismic phenomena affecting central Italy, already organized in Urbino. The assembly, scheduled for Saturday, May 13, is accompanied by some side-effects.
On the morning of May 12, the appointment is in front of the Palazzo delle Poste, in Piazza Matteotti, for a visit, led by Mario Angel Arco, Paolo Cacace, Vittoria Carsana, Ugo Carughi, Raffaele Catuogno, Antonello De Risi, Alfonso Morone, some buildings of the twentieth century which have undergone modifications and / or restoration works, as well as at the metro station in Piazza Municipio, Alvaro Siza and Edoardo Souto De Moura, the most complex construction site of the new underground transport network for archaeological problems, Urban, historical and technological.
On Friday afternoon from 14.30 to 18.30 in ANIAI Campania, a meeting with a series of contributions focussed mainly on the interior spaces of the twentieth century and the conservation and intervention issues presented by some members of Do.Co. Mo.Mo Italy and ANIAI, as a sign of a commitment to common goals.
On Saturday morning, the Do.Co.Mo.Mo. Italy and in the afternoon a visit to the church of Sant´Aniello in Caponapoli, the object of an innovative restoration signed by Ugo Caruso."

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Program: PDF below [italian]