Docomomo Australia
Notice of the 16th Annual General Meeting 2017
DATE: 1/3/2017
"Notice is hereby given that the 16th Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Docomomo Australia Inc will be held at 70A Blues Point Road, McMahon’s Point, NSW, 2060 on

Saturday 25th March 2017 commencing at 12.00 noon
The AGM will be followed by a discussion on future activities and priorities for Docomomo Australia.

  1. To receive from the Committee reports upon the activities of Docomomo Australia Inc during the preceding financial year 2016. and
  2. To elect Office Bearers of Docomomo Australia Inc and Members of the Committee for 2017. ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN FOR NOMINATION. PLEASE USE THE NOMINATION FORMS PROVIDED. and
  3. To receive and consider the statement which is required to be submitted to members pursuant to section 26 (6) of the Act.
    1. (a)  The income and expenditure of Docomomo Australia Inc during the 2016 Financial Year;
    2. (b)  The assets and liabilities of the Society at the end of the 2016 Financial Year.
  4. and
  5. To agree that the Public Officer shall submit an application to the Federal Government asking that Docomomo Australia Inc should not pay them GST as it is under the threshold of $70,000.00.and
  6. to agree that all yearly membership notices are to be issued by 30 October of the year before and are all to be paid by 1st January of that year to comply with the required payments to Docomomo International which are due by 10th January of the relevant financial year.
In accordance with the Constitution of Docomomo Australia Inc, Section 36(1) and (2).
  1. Proxy votes are permitted for submission at Annual General Meetings only, but are not counted as part of the quorum;
  2. Each member shall be entitled to appoint another member as proxy by appropriately written notice given to the Public Officer no later than 72 HOURS BEFORE the time of the meeting in respect of which the proxy is appointed."
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