Docomomo Macau
Book Launch: Macau - Reading the Hybrid City – Discovering Manuel Vicente, 7th July 2016, Rui Cunha Foundation, Macau
DATE: 7/7/2016
The Rui Cunha Foundation and Docomomo Macau presented, on July 7th 2016, the catalogue “Macau: Reading the Hybrid City”.

This work is the result of research undertaken by Docomomo Macau about the architect Manuel Vicente, compiling all the material produced for a series of conferences and the exhibition “Descobrir Manuel Vicente”.
This book originates from the desire to reflect on Vicente’s work, from the point of view of those who worked with him, sharing the creative process, thoughts and strategies they developed during his practice in Macau.
The result of his different interventions are presented in this document as a global view of the underlying theory of his work.
The city of Macau is the second major protagonist of this publication. Due to its peculiar position as a peripheral city and its specificity, it was not at the centre of architectural currents of Vicente’s time and thus became an important contributor to the singularity of his work.
His built works are the outcome of a constant dialectic between the desire to follow European standards while also fulfilling the expectations of local tastes.
The presentation was led by Ung Vai Meng, with a critical reading by architects Carlotta Bruni and Carlos Marreiros.