Demolition Threat: Thessaloniki International Fair pavilions
Thessaloniki, Greece
DATE: 8/3/2019
Docomomo International has been notified by Docomomo Greece about the demolition threat the Thessaloniki International Fair pavilions, in Thessaloniki, Greece, are currently facing.

"The urban complex of the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), established in 1937, is under threat.
According to the new master plan of the site, most of the buildings inside the TIF, including some vanguard modern pavilions of the 1950s and the 1960s designed by renowned Greek architects (such as D. Tripodakis; E. Vourekas, S. Staikos, P. Vassiliadis; K. Kapsampelis, I. Vikelas; N Valsamakis; D. Fatouros), are either to be demolished or not considered for future use.

The architectural community of Thessaloniki and the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University, together with several civilian associations, have already reacted.
The memory, identity and heritage of the TIF, carried by these exceptional examples of modern Greek architecture, are in danger."

The announcement of the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) of the Special Spatial Plan for the Thessaloniki Exhibition Center has been made and it can be contested within the time frame of 30 days, starting the 5th March 2019 (link).

A petition has been launched in which it is proposed to maintain, highlight and integrate into the overall design of the new exhibition center the existing Administration buildings and some pavilions. This gesture enriches and gives continuity, consistency and robustness to new the "Axis of the Museums".

The petition can be found here. [Greek]

Docomomo International would like to raise awareness for this case and express its full support to all the initiatives conducted aiming for the preservation and reintegration of the exhibition pavilions into future plans being developed for the site.