Under Threat: Freedom Square in Kharkiv, Ukraine
DATE: 27/2/2017
The Kharkiv central square used to have the modern monument of a Lenin statue, since 1963 till September 28 2014, when several thousand Kharkivites threw it down to finish with communist provocations.

Kharkiv city authorities were planning to restore the statue when it was stated not having historical value. It was removed from the state register. An official contest was announced in November 2016 by the City Council offering to work out new designs for the memorial to replace the knocked down Lenin’s monument.

The results of this contest were announced on 3 February: a 86-meter column crowned with a golden angel and an orthodox cross, with no relation with the former identity of the place.

After the monument has been approved the intrigue was highly spread in social networks; the civil society in Kharkiv had clearly expressed its opposition to the competition since the designed sculpture doesn´t fit in the urban context of this square and surroundings obliterating the symbolic value of the space that, until the interventions in 2014,  was considered of historical value.

A petition demanding to cancel the decision on installing the column was registered on the official website of the Kharkiv City Council and more than 5000 people have voted, establishing the minimum number for the Kharkiv City Council give an official answer for the request, but till now no willingness to address this exposure has been shown.

Docomomo International wish to express its full support to the petition carried out and other actions under development in order to preserve the essence of this symbolic space that can be restored in good terms, taking in to consideration the history of the place and the willing to maintain its integrity and authenticity.