Under Threat: Lar da Criança Kindergarten
by António Vicente de Castro, Portimão, Portugal, 1959
DATE: 24/2/2017
Docomomo International was informed that the Lar da Criança Kindergarten, in Portimão (Portugal), designed by the architect António Vicente de Castro in 1959, is under threat, due to expansion works under consideration, which will adulterate the architectural principals of the building.

It is a building well integrated in Portimão city, regarding the building typology and its adaptation to the local climate conditions. Taking advantage of good temperature and lightning arrangements, the architect used different shading systems providing different types of internal light that stimulates learning and creativity.

It is designed with formal clarity, grouping several architectural volumes connected by exterior covered communications, as a way to respond to the pedagogical programme valuing the inside/outside relationship.

Docomomo International would like to express its fully support to the efforts being carried on with the intention of preventing the expansion project, interceding to protect this important example of modern architecture in the south of Portugal for future generations.

Docomomo International Letter to Municipality of Portimão: PDF below