Melnikov House
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Attached you can read the letter signed by some of the most important and relevant world architects and architectural historians, in which they express their extraordinary concern about the bad state in which the Russian avant-garde Architect, Konstantin Melnikov´s it is the house, located on Krivoarbat street in Moscow, is:

Melnikov’s extraordinary architectural legacy, both his various Moscow workers clubs and his parking garage, and his circular home, have been under constant threat for years.  Earlier attempts to preserve the Melnikov house, including several by the authors of this letter have come to nought. Now, with a new mayor in Moscow and other changes in key cultural institutions, we believe it is time to renew the effort. At the same time, we think it important to bring together the disbursed archival documents relating to Melnikov’s career, including those under the control of the Institute of Architects, which excluded him from membership and hence from the profession and the scholars.  To this end, we have prepared the enclosed letter, which we have transmited to Russian officials and cultural figures.
We seek to encourage Russians to embrace and preserve this important part of their heritage, but also wish to remind them that the buildings and papers in question are part of the world’s cultural heritage. Therefore, we would be greatly appreciate if you could publish that letter in order to make known to the public its content and our initiative and also push policymakers to act in the preservation of this world heritage.

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