Call for Papers: On the role of 20th century exhibitions in shaping housing discourses
13th May 2016, ENSA Paris-Malaquais; 20th May 2016, Politecnico di Milano
DATE: 20/2/2016
"A number of quite unexplored exhibitions devoted to housing, made possible by the joint efforts of cultural institutions, public authorities, governmental agencies, museums, housing experts, architects, planners, universities and civic associations, provide an interesting lens through which to explore the main “seasons” that marked the history of housing discourses in different contexts. The French Salon des Arts ménagers or the Italian Fiera Campionaria, for example reveals the evolution of housing representations in the collective imagery.
It also uncovers the transformation of  housing as an art of living (art d’habiter) into a consumption product, analogous to the rise of the single-family house hence, its neglect from the architectural profession. [...]
Contribution proposals should be submitted on the February 20th 2016 at the latest. [...]

More details are available in the following pdf.