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by Frank Lloyd Wright, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 1952
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"In 1950, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a home for his son David and daughter-in-law Gladys on ten acres in the middle of citrus groves at the base of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. The design elevated the home in the form of a spiral rising from the desert floor, converting the trees tops into the lawn and reveaing 360 degree views of the mountains forming the valley. Frank Lloyd Wright titled the plans "How to live in the South-west". Completed in 1952, it is one of three spiral designs realized by Frank Lloyd Wright, along with the Morris Gift Shop and the precursor to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. It is his only built residence that uses this device. Ling Po, one of the last delineators of Frank Lloyd Wright´s work, refers to this house as "Mr. Wright´s last masterpiece"."

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