Seminar: Terramoto de Lisboa: Quatro Visões sobre a Cidade, 260 Anos Depois
21 November 2015, 2.30 pm, Museu do Dinheiro, Lisboa, Portugal
DATE: 21/11/2015
This meeting calls for the sharing of views on the cataclysm of 1755, while historical point and transforming agent of society and city of Lisbon in the XVIII century. The seminar also proposes to reflect on the repercussions of the earthquake at the present time; the changes in the urban, architectural and socio-political fabric; and how the capital recalls and interprets the event, and the mechanims to defend itself.

The seminar counts with the participation of Prof. Ana Tostões, docomomo International chair, and Dr. Rui Tavares, Arch. João Favila Menezes and Eng. João Appleton.

More details: website (Portuguese).