Commemorative Session: EAUM Day 2015
11 November 2015, 5.30 pm, EAUM, Minho, Portugal
DATE: 11/11/2015
The Commemorative Session of the EAUM Day 2015 will take place on 11 November 2015, at 5.30 pm. Chaired by the Dean of the University of Minho, Professor António Cunha, the session also includes the Inaugural Lecture of the academic year 2015/2016, in charge of the architect José Mateus (ARX Portugal).

The celebration of the EAUM Day 2015 also includes the conference of Miguel Neiva (ColorAdd), and the inauguration of the architectural photography exhibition "Pixel, Brick, Pixel". Overall the program includes seven Open Classes that will take place until the end of November.

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