Talk: Clarified Tectonics - Colour and Basil Spence
22 October 2015, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
DATE: 22/10/2015
"Clarified Tectonics - Colour and Basil Spence
Talk by Prof. Fiona McLachlan at the University of Edinburgh on Thursday, 22 October

Postwar architecture is often perceived as a grey affair, associated with exposed concrete and, particularly in Scotland, pebble dash render. Reality, though, can be very different. Fiona McLachlan, Professor of Architecture at the University of Edinburgh, will discuss the Scottish architect Basil Spence and the use of colour in his work, including many examples from Edinburgh. Clarified Tectonics: Colour in the work of Basil Spence, her talk for docomomo Scotland, will take place on Thursday, 22 October, at 6pm, at the Architecture Building of the University of Edinburgh, 20 Chambers Street,Edinburgh, EH1 1 JZ.

The talk is based on research for the recently published book Colour Strategies in Architecture, which Prof. McLachlan has coauthored, and coincides with an exhibition on the same subject in the university´s architecture gallery. (We already reported in our last newsletter.) The talk is free (but ticketed) and will be followed by drinks and a private viewing of the exhibition. Donations are, of course, welcome. Please book your place online at Please also help us advertise the event by distributing and pinning up our event flyer.
The exhibition is on display weekdays during daytime until 30 October, when it will be closed with another talk by Prof. McLachlan. In early 2016, the show will be on display again in Glasgow, at The Lighthouse."

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Image: Fiona McLachlan

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