Festival: Urbanpromo Social Housing - V Edition, 2015
15 - 16 October 2015, Museo Ettore Fico, Via Francesco Cigna 114, Torino, Italy
DATE: 15/10/2015
"Urbanpromo Social Housing is a specialist festival in which we are building a systematic vision for the social housing, held in Turin.
The V edition will take place at the Museo Ettore Fico on the 15th and 16th of October 2015.
Urbanpromo Social Housing is being process by a wide number of partners, comprehending also the main actors of Social Housing.

Urbanpromo will be the qualified set where a confrontation between different experiences and proposals for the low cost housing and the rent in low charge will take place.
An inquiry on the project about urban regeneration that involves economical growth, helps social cohesion and community integration. A focus on the technological and design innovations to create housings that improve the standards of living quality, reducing the costs of construction and provided with rent in low charge.
In the Triennale di Milano will be presented the results of the two working days with Urbanpromo Social Housing, it will take place in Turin between the 15th and 16th of October; and there it will go on with a confrontation about everything regarding the urban national policies for social housing, and the state of art for the social housing plannings.[...]"

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