Exhibition: Fotografia, Arquitectura Moderna e a
21 - 29 September 2015, ESAP, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 29/9/2015
Fotografia, Arquitectura Moderna e a "Escola do Porto": Interpretações em Torno do Arquivo Teófilo Rego
Photography, Modern Architecture and the "School of Porto": Interpretations Around the Archive Teófilo Rego

This exhibition focuses on the analysis of the relationship between photography and architecture, particularly in the emerging of modern architecture in Portugal, from the study of the archive of the photographer Teófilo Rego, which documents works of a specific generation of architects from Porto “School of Porto”.

This exhibition intends to analyze the potential of the photographic record as a tool for developing new interpretations of theory, criticism and architecture history, from 1940, when the spread of modern architecture and photographic practice starts in Portugal.

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