Event: International Congress: Architectures for a new liturgy. Interventions on the religious heritage after Vatican II
10th-12th October 2019, Seminary of Nossa Senhora da Conceição do Porto, Porto
DATE: 12/10/2019
From the 10th to the 12th of October will be held inside the Seminary of Nossa Senhora da Conceição do Porto the 6th International Congress about Contemporary Religious Architecture.

The theme will be the interventions on the religious heritage after the Secon Vatican Council (1962-1965)
when the process of renewal of the Catholic churches began. 

"The renovation of the places of worship - of its presbyteries, but also of the baptisteries and other sacramental spaces - has hardly been treated by the scientific literature, despite its enormous importance for the old buildings. 
In these actions there are always dichotomies that provoke tensions often irresolvable: between the provisional and the definitive, between the new and the old, between what must be conserved and what the community demands, between tourist consumption and daily events, between the urban and the rural, etc. Thus, it is essential to know the criteria that support interventions, whether legal (both ecclesiastical or civil), architectural, artistic, liturgical or pastoral."

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