Call for Papers: Histories of Postwar Architecture – Mass Media and the International Spread of Post-war Architecture
Deadline for abstracts: 15th July 2019
DATE: 15/7/2019
This monograph edition of the journal HPA attempts to map the international spread processes of architectural culture in the mass media after the Second World War, taking the period 1945-1960 as a traditional time framework.

It focuses on how certain ideas about the city and contemporary architecture which were diffused through periodical publications, exhibitions and conferences, by analysing some monographic case studies in an attempt to answer some essential questions: 

How was an architectural and/or urban project linked to a specific framework, presented in the international context through state, professional and educational channels -be they either institutional or otherwise?

How did it happen in a period of radical cultural reconstruction and fundamental disciplinary redefinition? 

And vice versa: how was the same project interpreted from the point of view of foreign establishment? 

How did the vision “from within” and the perspectives “from outside” interact?

The aim is to analyse the reality based on some prominent manifestations of architectural culture and to study the existing interrelations, not only between politics and culture, but also between the different disciplines at play, such as: architecture, urbanism, art and culture. In order to deepen knowledge on the institutions that promoted these initiatives, who directed and worked on them, the type of selections they made and the strategies pursued -aspects that define some specific political and intellectual trends.

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