Conference: 2nd Ibero-American Congress of Urban History
25th to 29th November 2019, Universidad Nacional do México UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
DATE: 25/11/2019
The II Congresso Iberoamericano de História Urbana [Ibero-American Congress of Urban History], organized by the Associação Ibero-americana de Historia Urbana [Ibero-American Association of Urban History], will be held at the Universidad Nacional de Mexico, in Mexico City, from November 25th to 29th, 2019.

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General theme: "Cities: the Latin America urban processes in its history"

"Faced with the multiple meanings with which it is possible to define it, the city is inserted into history as one of the greatest creations of human civilization, because in its population, space and territory converge and flow at the same time the processes of historical change that the articulate as a material, social, economic, environmental and cultural artefacts with diverse historical densities in the world and in time. In Latin America the change global processes of the society´s main structures have acquired great historical depth, not only because their temporary depth, but also because the dense and complex socio-environmental and cultural diversity that has shaped the identity of their cities and the dynamics of their urban processes. Through its urban language Ibero-American cities have woven spaces, environments, territories, societies and cultures that have united and unite historical experiences that recover their past and others that project their future with uncertainty. On the other hand, when conceiving the city as a whole and not as another object of reality, Henri Lefebvre bequeathed us the recognition that it is not susceptible to being studied by a particular science or method, for which reason it is necessary to develop a methodological relativism and an epistemological pluralism to assume this assignment. Thus, the city and its historical change processes constitute a problematic to unravel whose keys are manifested in the historical contradictions between the urban space and its contents, which may well be symbolic, political, economic, social and cultural."

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Open calls: The organizers of table 14, whose theme is "From the office to the large general hospital, the urban scales of architecture for health in Latin America," will accept submissions of papers until April 22nd, 2019.

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