Book lauching: Lisbon Architectural Map 1948-2019
10th May 2019, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 10/5/2019
The publisher A + A Books will launch the Lisbon Architecture Map 1948 - 2019, to follow the changes that have arisen in the city up to the present time. A + A publisher explains that since 2013, the year of publication of the Lisbon Architecture Guide 1948-2013, numerous changes have occurred in the city: increase of cultural equipment or interventions in collective spaces, for example. The publisher explains that the choice of the date 1948 as the temporal beginning of a modern and contemporary Architectural Map refers to the year of the 1st National Congress of Architects in Lisbon, which assembled many architects who came to affirm the principles of the Modern Movement.

A set of architectural examples, which include interior or exterior built spaces, public or private, are located and referenced in the Lisbon Architecture Map 1948-2019.

The presentation of the Lisbon Architectural Map 1948-2019 will be held on the 10th May, 6:30 p.m., at the Sal„o Nobre of Lisbon City Hall. †