Exhibition and Tour: One building, many museums. Alcino Soutinho and the Neo-Realism Museum
9th February - 26th May 2019, Neo-Realism Museum, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal
DATE: 26/5/2019
One building, many museums, Alcino Soutinho and the Neo-Realism Museum [Um edifício, muitos museus. Alcino Soutinho e o Museu do Neo-Realismo]

Curated by Helena Barranha, the exhibition proposes a way of watching the Neo-Realism museum as a convergence space of several trips, questions and museological projects inside Alcinho Soutinho´s life and work. Articulating the list of visited museums by Alcino Soutinho, from several countries, with exhibition spaces designed by himself, the current exhibition highlights the way the Neo-Realism Museum reflects all these references, creating a strong relationship with the urban fabric of Vila Franca de Xira and a unique museological program.

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The Fundação Marques da Silva is organizing a guided tour for the 13th April 2019 - "Alcino Soutinho and the Museum of Neo-Realism: from the project to the building, from the exhibition to the city" - with the support of the Neo-Realism Museum. Guided by the architects Helena Barranha and Pedro Nogueira, this visit marks the participation of the institution in the International Day of Monuments and Sites. 
It is proposed a route through the Museum of Neo-Realism (a supporter which holds the exhibition "A building, many museums - Alcino Soutinho and the Museum of Neo-Realism"), the urban center and the riverfront of Vila Franca of Xira, as well as a visit to the Municipal Library. 
This visit serves two purposes: on the one hand, to explore the specific interior of the museum and the exhibition open to the public, on the other, to understand the urban impact of this work in the landscape where it is inserted.

Tour registrations were open until April 11.

Image provided by the organization