Symposium: Safety in Heritage
Registration until 15th April
DATE: 9/5/2019
The International Scientific Symposium on Safety in Heritage will take place in Madrid on the 7th, 8th and 9th of May, 2019. 

The Symposium will focus on safety in cultural assets, paying special attention to visitors, and will have as speakers prestigious architects and theorists in the field of heritage intervention such as Glenn Boornazian, Joäo Carrilho da Graça, Jose María Ezquiaga, Gunny Harboe, Ward Miller, Pedro Salmerón, Ana Tostões and Antoine Wilmering.

The three-day symposium will focus on 3 thematics:
Thematic Area 1 – 7th of May 2019
“Recovering the value of the site by providing safety”

Thematic Area 2 – 8th of May 2019
“Rehabilitation techniques and processes to improve safety”

Thematic Area 3 – 9th of May 2019
“Legal aspects and safety policies”

Attendance to the Symposium is free of charge, and may be completed in the Symposium website. The registration period is open until 15th April 2019.

To know more about the symposium check the PDF below or visit: website