Conference: Humanity Heritage in the Ibero-American area
28th - 29th March 2019, Faro, Portugal, Caxias do Sul, Brasil
DATE: 29/3/2019
The third International Conference of Tourism and History, with the title "Humanity Heritage in the Ibero-American area, future desires in its organisation and tourists management" [Património da Humanidade no Espaço Ibero-Americano: Desafios Futuros no seu Planeamento & Gestão] will be held at the same time in the Campus Penha da Franca, at the University of Algarve (Faro), and in the University of Caxias do Sul, in Brasil.

The conference will focus on four themes:
1st theme: Humanity Heritage in the Ibero-American area: organisation and tourists management
2nd theme: Resources, Products and culturally turistic Experiences in the context of Ibero-American identity
3rd theme: Turistic and Sustainable Performance´s indicators
4th theme: Gastronomic and Oenologic Tourism

For more details, please visit: website [Portuguese]

Image provided by the organization