Exhibition: One building, many museums. Alcino Soutinho and the Neo-Realism Museum
9th February - 26th May 2019, Neo-Realism Museum, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal
DATE: 26/5/2019
One building, many museums, Alcino Soutinho and the Neo-Realism Museum [Um edifício, muitos museus. Alcino Soutinho e o Museu do Neo-Realismo]

Curated by Helena Barranha, the exhibition proposes a way of watching the Neo-Realism museum as a convergence space of several trips, questions and museological projects inside Alcinho Soutinho´s life and work. Articulating the list of visited museums by Alcino Soutinho, from several countries, with exhibition spaces designed by himself, the current exhibition highlights the way the Neo-Realism Museum reflects all these references, creating a strong relationship with the urban fabric of Vila Franca de Xira and a unique museological program.

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