Call for papers: Architecture for Art, Spaces for Exhibiting
Deadline for Abstracts - 1st March 2019
DATE: 1/3/2019
The international conference being organised as part of the 24th Ischian Meeting on Mediterranean Architecture, to be held on 19-22th September 2019 in Ischia, invites architects, artists and scholars from diverse fields to propose new and innovative considerations of this theme through a call for abstracts.

The event, entitled "Architecture for Art: Spaces for Exhibiting", is the third and final appointment of a trilogy inaugurated in 2018 with the conference "Architecture for Art: Spaces for Ideas", which was followed in 2018 by the conference "Architecture for Art: Spaces for Creation". The final objective of this series is to create the "Capri-Semaforo Verde per lŽArte" park in a panoramic site atop Monte Tuoro on the island of Capri. Here it will be possible to create a unique contamination between art and architecture in a landscape of unparalleled beauty. Art installations will involve participants from the Ischian Meetings on Mediterranean Architecture.

For more details, please visit: website [Italian]

Image provided by the organization