Call for papers: Architecture for Museums. Ra. Revista de Arquitectura
Number 21, 2019 Ra. Revista de Arquitectura
DATE: 14/2/2019
Ra. Revista de Arquitectura, was created as a supplement to Re. Revista de Edificación, a School of Architecture periodical.

It is regarded as a forum for the expression of study results and academic debate concerning the key areas of interest in architecture and urban spaces that are inherent in the university vision by regarding them as cultural realities of undeniable importance and impact and as objects for careful consideration, study and research.

It intended to serve as a channel, especially for the intellectual output of the departments of Theory and History, Urban Design and Architectural Projects, although it is open to articles and contributions from other institutions.

It fosters a perception of architecture that does not lose track of its cultural dimension by establishing just one limitation from the outset: avoiding the practice of publishing current projects and initiatives in the field of design and building.

The Guest Editor and the Scientific Committee are calling for contributions (see the editorial guidelines) in English or Spanish from architects and scholars up until 14 February 2019. 
Proposals will be judged on their diversity and the speculative nature of their approach. Examples of potential subjects are listed below:
The architect as curator; curatorship as an autonomous practice; curatorship as a political practice; the exhibition as a form of research; archives and display; from curatorship to design to construction; exhibiting as teaching strategy; types of exhibitions; the museum as a speculative realm; museum, heterotopia and architecture.

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