Exhibition: European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2017
8th November 2018 - 24th February 2019, M - Museum Leuven, Belgium
DATE: 24/2/2019
The EU Mies Award 2017 exhibition is travelling across Europe to disseminate and acknowledge quality architecture. This time it makes a stop in Belgium, at M-Museum Leuven.

At the opening of this edition of the exhibition a debate on the theme "Collective housing in complex environments" took place. Authors of the winning projects:аDeFlat Kleiburg in Amsterdam, by NL architects and XVW Architectuur andаNavez social housing in Brussels by MSA/V+, participated in the debate.

The exhibition opened 8th November 2018 and it will stay opened until 24th February 2019, at M-Museum Leuven, Belgium.

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Image provided by:ай Serge Brison / MSA