Exhibition: Scripts for a new world: Film storyboards by Alessandro Poli
21th September 2018 - 20th January 2019, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, Canada
DATE: 20/1/2019
Starting September 20, the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) presents Scripts for a new world: Film storyboards by Alessandro Poli. Curated by CCA Chief Curator Giovanna Borasi, the exhibition explores how different preparatory elements of film—images, storyboards, scripts, and audio—generated a new language for architecture in the work of Italian architect, designer, and artist Alessandro Poli.

On display in the CCA’s Octagonal gallery are storyboard and collage elements from several of Poli’s projects, offering insights into the use of film as a design tool, and contributing to ongoing discussions on how to narrate ideas about architecture in an increasingly visual and image-dependent culture.

Scripts for a new world shows visitors to the CCA how the moving image was used to visualize radical interpretations of everyday life and future trajectories of architecture taken to their extremes—visions that more traditional, rigid, or static architectural tools could not achieve.

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Photo Credits: Superstudio. Collage of a woman standing in front of an ironing board with articles of clothing and other domestic objects around her, over an infinite grid surface, demonstrating how the grid replaces all three-dimensional architecture and integrates scenes of daily life, 1972.  Alessandro Poli fonds, CCA. © Archivio Superstudio