Call for Abstracts: Re-engaging with the Gulf Modernist City: Heritage and Repurposing Practice
Deadline for Abstracts - 20th January 2019
DATE: 20/1/2019
In the framework of the 10th Gulf Research Meeting in Cambridge, UK that will take place in July 2019 the workshop "Re-engaging with the Gulf Modernist City: Heritage and Repurposing Practice," is now accepting proposals.

Long-time neglected architectural and artistic productions of the modernisation era in the Gulf are now at the centre of a renewed interest. In the last decade, a series of initiatives were launched to understand, analyse and re-engage with the once-modern city, which meanwhile lost its pivotal function and meaning. A city within a bigger city, the urban fabric produced in the Gulf during the modernisation era has the potential to narrate the social growth, as well as the East-West dynamics typical of the region and citizensī memories of a recent past. Lately, media reported the news of preservation policies to be issued for the architecture of the second half of the 20th century. What future can be envisioned for the Gulf modern heritage? The workshop invites qualitative and quantitative contributions that will look at this compelling topic from a cross-country perspective pondering the cultural, historical and sociodemographic aspects of possible repurposing actions.

The workshop directors: Sultan Sooud al Qassemi and Roberto Fabbri.

Abstracts of 500-1000 words (in English) are to be submitted by 20th January 2019 at this webpage.

For more information check the website and PDF attached below.

Image provided by the Organisers