Publication: From skyscraper to Vertical Fabric. New architectural and urban scenarios
by Giusi Ciotoli, published by Officina Edizioni, Rome, 2017
DATE: 13/12/2018
Original title: "Dal grattacielo al tessuto verticale. Nuovi sviluppi architettonici e urbani"
From the publisher: 
"If examined within a complex system structured into distinct vertical elements, each skyscraper behaves as an autonomous organism, as a "micro-city", reproducing in its inner space, and in a smaller scale, the same kind of widespread urbanization of the urban fabric. In particular for the contemporary mega-cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, it is possible to schematize the dynamics of high-rise buildings system identifying an inner "overturned" structure, that corresponds with a vertical transposition of the horizontal hierarchy. This research aims to demonstrate how the skyscraper, considered as a vertical transposition of the urban system, represents the main "human-scale" element to live in the mega-city, so being able to define a new ideal city model, taken from the "utopia" and lowered in the contemporary world. Contrary to the Tower of Babel – symbol of chaos – the skyscraper interpreted as a fabric becomes a vertical paradigm for a new urban order. The theoretical approach of the Vertical Fabric is based, first of all, on the analysis of some skyscrapers built in the US area between the late 19th and early 20th century, – decades in which we have witnessed the spatial and structural definition of the new type –, while the second part of the book has set itself the objective of classifying typologically - and of rationalizing - today´s evolutionary dynamics. The book has therefore the aim to reconfigure the type in the city, underling the role of the main urban features in the initial configuration of the skyscraper that are still persistent nowadays, with the intent to shed new light on an architectural type "complex" and sometimes enigmatic."

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