Tour: SAH Field Seminar in Cuba
1st - 14th December 2018, Cuba
DATE: 1/12/2018
The Society of Architectural Historians’ 2018 Cuba Field Seminar is an ambitious immersion in the architecture, urbanism, and landscape of Cuba, covering territory from Havana in the west to Guantánamo, Cuba´s eastern-most province.

The first five days will concentrate on the capital and its environs, examining the colonial architecture of the old city, early and mid-century modernism, and the radical avant-garde of the post-revolution period.
The second week will take us on an overland journey through a string of historic cities—and beautiful countryside— ending in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba’s #2 city and very Caribbean counterpart to cosmopolitan Havana.

Travelling to Cuba and to Havana, in particular, has in recent years become easier for Americans. This tour, therefore, is designed to take SAH members away from tourist centers and to places that they would be unlikely to visit on their own.

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