Call for Sessions and Roundtables: EAHN2020
Deadline for entries: 31st December 2018
DATE: 13/6/2020
The Call for Sessions and Roundtables for European Architectural History Network (EAHN 2020) is now open!

EAHN2020 takes place in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, UK, from 10th to 13th June, 2020. The venue is the University of Edinburgh, and the conference takes full advantage of the university, and the city’s numerous architectural sites.

In accordance with EAHN´s mission, the meeting aims to increase the visibility of the discipline of architectural history, to foster transnational, interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to the study of the built environment, and to facilitate the exchange of research in the field. 

EAHN is a European organisation, but its intellectual scope is global, and the meeting welcomes proposals on any architectural historical topic. As well as topics on any aspect of the built environment, proposals on landscape and urban history are also very welcome, along with proposals dealing with the theories, methodologies and historiographies of architectural history.

Proposals are sought in two basic formats: (1) a session, and (2) a roundtable debate. A session should consist of 4-5 paper presentations, with a respondent, and time for dialogue and discussion at the end. A roundtable debate should be organised as a discussion between panel members, and the format would suit topics of particular urgency, or contemporary relevance. Roundtables should also aim to activate audience discussion as far as possible. Sessions and roundtables may be chaired by more than one person.

The deadline for all proposals is 31 December 2018. 

To know more please download the PDF below or visit the website.