Book Launch: Mujeres, casas y ciudades. [Women, houses and cities]
23rd November 2018, Sala d’Actes COA, Barcelona, Spain
DATE: 23/11/2018
On the 23rd of November, Professor Zaida Muxí Martínez (ETSAB - UPC) presented her book "Mujeres, casas y ciudades. Más allá del umbral" 
(Women, houses and cities. Beyond the threshold) at the Sala d’Actes COA, in Barcelona.

The book presentation also counted with talks from Sandra Bestraten, Anna Ramos and Patricia Reus.

Mujeres, Casas y Ciudades presents the history of architecture and urbanism from the point of view that regards
the contributions made by women who have been silenced in the general stories.
The book focuses on the living environment, from design to politics, from architecture to urbanism; all synthesized
in the house and the city, as a representation of the private and the public. The house as a metaphor for architecture,
the city as a synthesis of human actions.

Additionally, by doing so from a feminist position necessarily implies the deconstruction of the majority historiography,
revealing false neutrality and universality in the transmission of knowledge and in the construction of historical perspectives.
In this sense, it is not a banal question to speak of women, architecture and urbanism, since, as in other fields of knowledge,
art, science or politics, women have not been equally represented, or represented at all, merit-wise. Therefore, it is necessary
to revise the history of architecture and cities, to rewrite it, incorporating women as protagonists.

Title: Mujeres, casas y ciudades. Más allá del umbral.
Author: Zaida Muxí Martínez
Text review: Daniel Lacasta Fitzsimmons
Graphic Design: Francesc Polop
Language: Spanish
Date: October 2018
Published by: dpr-barcelona