Liturgia, Lugar de encontros - IV Jornada de Liturgia, Arte e Arquitectura [Liturgy, Meeting Place - IV Talks on Liturgy, Art and Architecture]
24th November 2018, Church of Sagrado Coração de Jesus, Lisboa, Portugal
DATE: 24/11/2018
The Department of Architecture and Urbanism of ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon University Institute) organised "Lugar de encontros" [Meeting places], with the support of the Portuguese National Council of Architects (OA), as part of IV Talks on Liturgy, Art and Architecture, on the 24th November. 

These talks were split into two different panels and they brought together talks on spirituality, architecture and university projects, including a exhibition with student projects of chapels.

Panels´ themes:

´Contexts´ - Moderator: Madalena Mariz Rodrigues

´Shapes´ - Moderator: Hugo Casanova

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Find the poster and the full program in the PDF below. [Portuguese]