Publication: Modern Architectures. The Rise of Heritage
by Maristella Casciado, Èmilie d´Orgeix, Published by Mardaga, Wavre, 2012
DATE: 19/11/2018
This book is a collaborative work containing 18 essays, related to examination and preservation of modern architecture.

From the publisher: "(...) essays offer a variety of fresh and thoughtful perspectives on how to examine our modern architectural heritage, considering both its local and international significance. Collectively, they provide a comprehensive overview of preservation activities and teaching programs around the world that have developed in this field since the 1980s, including new research and insights that have radically changed the canonical vision of modern architecture. The essays reveal how knowledge has opened up new areas of preservation and lead to deeper, more nuanced understanding of the values and processes underlying preservation of the architecture of the last century."

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English version is also available.

Cover provided by: Mardaga