Event: Le Corbusier Apartment-Studio re-opened for visiting
Immeuble Molitor, 24, Rue Nungesser et Coli, 75016 Paris
DATE: 13/11/2018
Apartment-studio of Le Corbusier, located inside the famous Molitor building, is opened again after undergoing conservation for the past two years. It served as home to Le Corbusier, who lived there with his wife since 1934, until her death in 1965.

The conservation process, led by François Chatillon, aimed at restoring the state of the apartment from 1965, to express the constant change in Corbu´s living environment, where he experimented with new ideas and aesthetics.

Corbusier´s apartmen-studio is listed as national heritage since 1972. In 2016 the Molitor building was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with 16 other works of Le Corbusier.

More information here (French)

Image provided by: Olivier Martin-Gambier / FLC / ADAGP