Publication: Conservation and Management Plan: The National Library of Kosovo
by Bekim Ramku, Nol Binakaj, Rand Eppich, published by Viprint, Prishtina, 2017
DATE: 29/10/2018
Conservation and Management Plan: The National Library of Kosovo was published with the assistance of the Getty Foundation as part of its Keeping It Modern initiative.

This publication consists of a conservation management plan for Andrija Mutnjakovic´s National Library of Kosovo in Prishtina, Kosovo. As the Kosovo Architecture Foundation argues "It comes at a critical time for the health of the National Library as there are numerous systems such as the roof, windows, moisture protection and plumbing that are failing."

"This conservation plan is the result of a large and dedicated team of architects and students. For one year from August 2016 the extended KAF team explored, documented and assessed every corner of the library with the intent to discover its vulnerabilities. During the year the KAF team and its collaborators, while producing this document have undertaken a Rapid Condition Assessment report, a workshop with young professionals and students of architecture, a documentary, an exhibition, a specialized tour of the Library, as well as produced the application fiche designating the Library part of the Permanent Protection List of Cultural Monuments in Kosovo."

To download the PDF version in English, please visit: website