Publication: Barcelona Rationalism Route - 1930´s Architecture and the GATCPAC Group
published by Institut del Paisatge Urbà i la Qualitat de Vida, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Barcelona, 2018
DATE: 24/10/2018
This is the most comprehensive guide for discovering the legacy of Rationalist architecture in Barcelona. Focused on the pioneers of this style in Catalonia that came together in the legendary GATCPAC group, it also incorporates the works of other avant-garde architects of the late 1920’s and 30’s. This was a period of feverish creativity which showcased the political commitment of architects involved in socially progressive projects. A movement that was cut short and disbanded by the fascist Franco regime at the end of the Spanish Civil War.

The Barcelona Rationalism Route features 68 sites, from family homes and apartment blocks to office buildings, including the very first ´skyscrapers´ of the city. It invites you to discover the most emblematic works of the period, as well as revolutionary projects for public health, education and housing. 

With maps and practical information for each building, the Route is organised in nine walks designed for a pleasant and intriguing journey of discovery around the streets of Barcelona.

Author: Tate Cabré (texts)
Photographies: Lluís Casals and other authors
Publisher: Institut del Paisatge Urbà i la Qualitat de Vida, Ajuntament de Barcelona
Languages available: Catalan, Spanish, English

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