Open Calls: Student Workshop Missing Knowledge
Submission Deadline: 18th October; Workshop: 22nd October - 15th November 2018
DATE: 18/10/2018
We are glad to announce an open call for an online student workshop Missing Knowledge (On Forgotten Monuments), which will be part of a supporting program of international forum “Creating Concrete Utopia, Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948 – 1980”, organized by Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKd). The workshop is organized in cooperation with Architcetuul and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.

How were the monuments commemorating the National Liberation War in former Yugoslavia built? Are they political or art projects? Why do they look as they do? What are their architectural values? How do they communicate with the landscape? How do they communicate with me? Why are they a hot topic today?

The workshop is conceived as an online course for students of architecture in the period between October 22 - November 15. The three-week online informal academic course will be followed by a final presentation of the results at the Center for Cultural Decontamination during the International Forum “Creating a Concrete Utopia, Architecture of Yugoslavia 1948-1980” on November 15. 
The aim of the workshop is to develop an understanding of the complexity of the commemorative art of the National Liberation War of SFR of Yugoslavia, as well as broadening its common knowledge base. This type of cooperation with regional students of architecture raises the question of the meaning and understanding of historical monuments today and offers the possibility of creating a shared knowledge of the common architectural and artistic heritage by combining different research techniques (drawing, model / text, text, photography, film, vr, etc.)
The ultimate product of the workshop is an online knowledge base through the process of researching "missing knowledge”. The acquired knowledge will be globally distributed through Architectuul.

Application details:
Deadline: October 18
Application method: By sending a motivation letter (up to 400 words) and a graphic appendix representing a personal view on topic Forgotten monuments (on 1 A4 page) To:
About the project:
The International Forum "Creating a concrete utopia: Architecture of Yugoslavia, 1948 - 1980” will gather authors and associates of the exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York: “Towards a concrete utopia: Architecture of Yugoslavia, 1948-1980” from November 12 - 15 in the Center for Cultural Decontamination (BirĨaninova 21). 

Photo by Milan Ravić

For more information about the workshop: website

For more information about the project: Website