Summer School: Laboratorio Nervi
28th September – 3rd October 2018, Lecco Campus, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
DATE: 3/10/2018
Knowledge, restoration and valorisation of twentieth century architecture. Critical, structural, technological aspects
The Lecco Campus of the Politecnico di Milano welcomes this year the first Summer School of the Laboratorio Nervi. Inspired by the work of the great Italian designer and builder Pier Luigi Nervi (Sondrio, June 21st 1891 - Rome, January 9th 1979), the Laborato-rio Nervi is being developed as a centre for study and analysis on the great issues of knowledge and conservation as well as restoration and valorisation of the twentieth century architecture.
As for 2018, the Laboratorio Nervi Summer School will explore all these themes focusing on the critical, structural and techno-logical aspects, within the framework of the European year of cultural heritage.

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