Conference: Industrial Heritage - Understanding the Past, Making the Future Sustainable
13th - 14th September 2018, Central University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
DATE: 13/9/2018
To the extent that heritage in general has taken a solid role in the making of societies in our current world, industrial heritage in particular, has risen during the last decades, the train of culture, as a relevant actor, Which has much to say, in order to understand and understand us, as human beings.

The industrial heritage has been installed with great force, as a new way of understanding the local culture and its relations with society. Its understanding from the local has allowed to be able to relate the industrial patrimony with its roots and international networks, always present of multiple forms. The international dimension of this cultural manifestation, crossing the borders from its gestation and development, to the peculiarities that it acquires in its adaptation to the local realities, allow to understand the industrial heritage as a wise document of the past, present today, through its various tangible manifestations And intangible.

Knowing and learning of the industrial heritage today, allows us, in a better way, to anticipate and adapt the challenges of the future of the 21st century. Knowing the Industrial Heritage is a way of understanding the past, of understanding the positive and the negative that man has done to his planet and himself.

To understand the past, means, to be able to make a better future, to understand the past through industrial heritage is to be making the future, towards a better, more humane, more sustainable world.

Key dates
Papers Submission: 15th March 2018
Papers Acceptance: 30th March 2018
Full Paper Submission: 31st May 2018
Congress: 13th and 14th September 2018
Congress Closure: 15th September 2018

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