Publication: Escritos escolhidos, 1965-2015 [Chosen Writings]
By Giorgio Grassi, Fundação Instituto Arquitecto José Marques da Silva & Edições Afrontamento, Portugal, 2018
DATE: 31/7/2018
This book depicts the most complete anthology of Giorgio Grassi´s writings and it is a reviewed and extended version of the original italian Scritti Scelti, 1965-1999. If it reflects a cronological anlargement by one side, with the inclusion of texts, some of them unpublished, after to 1999, by other side, it presents a new collection of pictures with direct relation with the text. Regarding these illustrations that go along the portuguese version of his "Chosen Writings", Giorgio Grassi wrote an revealing statement of his own expirience as a necessary critical architect of his time, which is also ours.
This is the third volume of the collection Giorgio Grassi: opera omnia sic, coordinated by José Miguel Rodrigues, translator and author of the introduction of this edition.

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