Conference: 30 years of the church
17th - 21st July 2018, Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Olivais Sul, Lisboa, Portugal.
DATE: 17/7/2018
In 2018, the church of "Nossa Senhora da Conceição", designed by the architect Pedro Vieira de Almeida and finnished by the "Secretariado das Novas Igrejas do Patriarcado" [Secretary of the New Churches of the Patriarchy], is celebrating its 30 years of its dedication. Product fo an architectural competition released in 1969, and built during the 1980´s, the parochial complex (only partially constructed), is stablished in a slope of the modern neighbourhood of Olivais Sul, in Lisbon. The volume is characterizes by its horizontality, being more presented as a structure to serve the caommunity rather than a architectural reference in the territory, in a very specific interpretation of the principles of integration of a church in the city, in the pós-Concílio Vaticano II (1962-65).

17. Jul.2018, 21.30pm
Conversation with the architect Gonzalo Byrne: "Passado, Presente, Futuro: Oportunidades, sobre o projeto de Pedro Vieira de Andrade" [Past, Present, Future: Opportunities, about the project of Pedro Vieira de Andrade]

21. Jul.2018, 21.30pm
Documentary about the project and contruction of the church: "A espessura da luz" [The thickness of the light", a film by João Valério, Sofia Almeida and Tiago Santo. Entrace is free.

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