Congress: 56 Congreso Internacional de Americanistas [56th International Congress of Americanists]
15th - 20th July 2018, University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
DATE: 15/7/2018
"The 56th International Congress of Americanists will be held at the University of Salamanca between 15 and 20 July 2018.

The title of the symposium is:Radical speculation, disciplinary diversity and revolutionary tension: city and architecture in the long sixties in Latin America.

The expectations of an imminent political and social transformation - initiated with the Cuban revolution and closed even after that of the carnations - brought together young people, intellectuals and workers, and moved - with various emphases - cloisters, publications and meetings, but also the practices, the gestation of new concepts and theories in the broad field of architecture and the disciplines associated with the city. Fueled by different disciplinary approaches, these processes were stimulated by the intensification of exchanges of discourses and images, condensed in some paradigmatic debates. The tension between processes of international latitude and the peculiarities with which they were interpreted in different American countries and cities encourages the call for: - The paradigm of the development and reconsideration of territorial and urban planning strategies, their conceptual and intervention. - Urban transformation from diverse disciplines: sociology, anthropology, philosophy, art, technology, mathematical models. - Cities as a locus of resistance - Latin American Mayans - and their implications for reconsideration of a new urbanity. - Neighborhoods as schools of new ways of conceiving the habitat and crisis of welfare models in housing policies - User discovery in experiences of participation and co-construction: role of the technician and typological systems as tools - University reforms , pedagogy of freedom and social praxis as a foundation; - Provisionality, change, flexibility: substrate of architectures for urban ecologies in a revolutionary framework. - Events and conceptual debates to redefine the vanguard."