Call for Papers: Reuse of Modernist Buildings: Professional Practices and Pedagogical Experiences
10th July 2018
DATE: 10/7/2018
“Architecture is facing new challenges caused by developments like globalization in general, global warming and demographic changes. These trends have a strong impact on the role of the architect and related specialist. Because of these changes in the architects profession there is a demand for adapting the training of architects accordingly. This question is especially relevant in dealing with urban areas where the 20th century buildings are waiting for strategic interventions, ranging from renovation, reconstruction, transformation to demolishing.

The architect needs new tools, drawing and sketching is not enough to understand neither the building nor its users or inhabitants. More complex methodologies are needed as they have to integrate not only the aesthetic and technical dimensions, but also the social one. These inclusive approach demands for a dialogue with other disciplines, promoting an effective interdisciplinarity.

In order to train this interdisciplinarity spirit for future architects, in architectural education the design studio should be more a laboratorium, than a workshop, where new tools and methods are explored and tested by means of research.” In impactum-journals website

Scholars are invited to submit full papers related to one of the following topics:
- TOOLS for the Reuse of Modernist Buildings
- METHODS for Reuse of Modernist Buildings
- INTERDISCIPLINARITY on Reuse of Modernist Buildings
- RESEARCH on Reuse of Modernist Buildings
The proposals can be based either on a professional practice (best practices) or on pedagogical experiences for RMB. Full papers with 5000 words in English (APA Style), including a abstract with no more than 400 words, and will further on be evaluated according to a blind peer review process.
Invited editors are Michel Melenhorst, Gonçalo Canto Moniz, Paulo Providência. 

Deadline dates:
10 july - Deadline for full paper submission
30 july - Feedback from peer review
15 september - Final version of the text
01 December - Publish joelho 9

More details and submission: website