Encounter: Collective Housing: New Initiatives (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, Italy)
21st – 22nd June 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia
DATE: 21/6/2018
“The project Collective Housing: New Initiatives will present, define and disseminate topics of past and contemporary collective living, urban solidarity practices, cooperation in neighbourhood communities as well as progressive sustainable housing policies and housing models. 
Today are many housing estates from 20th century facing degradation and neglect. Moreover, in all the countries listed above, housing is becoming a privilege rather than a basic human right. This situation gives rise to questions such as: 
How to think about collective housing and living today?
How to link the past and present experience? 
How to develop new models, based on solidarity and affordability of sustainable housing for all?” At KUD C3 platform website

The two-day event will be held on 21st and 22nd June 2018 at the Faculty of Architecture Ljubljana, City Museum Ljubljana (MGLM) and MAO Ljubljana, focusing on topics related to collective housing.

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