International Conference on Urban Conservation
16th-18th November 2018, Kolkata, Calcutta, India
DATE: 16/11/2018
"Urban conservation is a broader concept than the preservation or conservation of one or more buildings of architectural values. Historic urban landscape in the context of urban conservation strategy is inclusive and holistic with both tangible and intangible aspects in a natural and built environment with people and community. According to the Unesco, an area may not have old buildings or buildings of historical significance but it may have unique settlements and character, with the way people lived and the way buildings and public spaces were built and such area will also be under urban conservation.
Due to rapid urbanisation, cities are growing both vertically and horizontally often at the cost of historic buildings within the cities and greenery and water bodies in the periphery. Today urban conservation becomes a part of urban development.
There is growing awareness specially in the context of UN Habitatís new urban agenda and vision of sustainable cities.
The significance of such international conference in India with thousands of years of culture and civilisation and in Kolkata (Calcutta), the cultural capital of India which was once the second capital of the British Empire, will be great as it will be a forum of exchange of ideas and innovations. The city is the container and within this there is diverse culture with myriads of colour, the understanding, protoection and rejuvenation will be the subjects of presentations and discussions.
The conference will be organised by Centre for Built Environment (CBE), a knowledge based a nonprofit registered professional society of architects, urban designers, city planners and other urban experts, in collaboration with other institutions and organisations."

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