Exhibition: Dominicanos. Arte e Arquitetura Portuguesa. Diálogos com a Modernidade [Dominicans. Art and Portuguese Architecture. Dialogues with Modernity]
14th April – 10th June 2018, Convento de São Domingos, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 14/4/2018
“In 2018 the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) celebrates the 800th anniversary of the opening of its first convent in Portugal. Recalling this date, the Center for the Study of Religious History of the Portuguese Catholic University and the Institute of St. Thomas Aquinas propose the exhibition "Dominicans. Art and Portuguese Architecture. Dialogues with Modernity " which highlights the contribution of the Dominican order to the renewal of religious art and religious architecture in the 20th century.
The exhibition, at the Convento de São Domingos (Alto dos Moinhos, Lisbon), intends to show the way of approaching modern art and architecture through four works unknown to the general public. Churches and convents built in Oporto, Fátima, Ourém and Lisbon make up the exhibition center that brings together for the first time models, drawings, photographs and works of art from different archives and institutions. In this exhibition it is showcased the work of the architects Eduardo Raul da Silva Martins, Manuel da Silva Passos Júnior, Fernando Peres, Fernando Távora, Luiz Cunha, Diogo Lino Pimentel, José Fernando Gonçalves, Paulo Providência and the collaboration of the plastic artists Maria Luísa Marinho Leite, José Grade, Maria do Carmo d´Orey, José Espiga Pinto, Isolda Norton, Georges Serraz e Ferdinand Gehr.”

Convento de São Domingos, in Lisbon, Portugal, invites you to visit the exhibition form 14th April until 10th June, and also to attend the conference “In conversation with Diogo Pimentel, Luiz Cunha, José Fernando Gonçalves and Paulo Providência, João de Almeida and Frei Bento Domingues” on 12th May by 16h.
Both the exhibition and conference are free entrance. 
Only the conference is subject to registration to: expoarquiteturadominicanos@gmail.com.

More details: website + PDF