Exhibition: The architectural work of Le Corbusier: an exceptional contribution to the Modern Movement. The 17 works declared World Heritage
15th March - 30th May 2018, Bogota Archive, Bogota, Colombia
DATE: 9/3/2018
“The Bogota Archive is preparing to receive two exhibitions that encourage the local public to participate in the debate on the importance of the Modern Heritage in Colombia. The first one, which will be exhibited in the lobby of the building, is titled "Bogotá in the eyes of 10 photographers. Architectures and urban landscapes - 1950-1970" and is the result of the research carried out by the architects Maria Pía Fontana, Miguel Mayorga and Margarita Roa, members of the FORM + Group of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC, Barcelona). The exhibition was presented for the first time to the public at the Casa degli Italian in Barcelona, in May 2017.

The second exhibition, entitled "The architectural work of Le Corbusier: an exceptional contribution to the Modern Movement. The 17 works declared World Heritage "will be installed in the second floor room of the Bogotá Archive. This is an adaptation of the sample carried out at Villa La Roche, Paris, in 2016, organized by the Le Corbusier Foundation and which illustrates the candidacy submitted to UNESCO for the declaration of a set of works within the list of world Heritage. An application endorsed by the 10 countries where the selected works are located. This is an unprecedented fact in the history of the entity ascribed to the UN, in what refers to the master architects who during the twentieth century developed what has become known as the Modern Movement in Architecture.

The aim of the exhibitions and their homonymous books is to disseminate, in parallel, a national and international material that, although it has already been published in different media, raises new reflections when observed jointly. In both exhibitions, the inclusion of contemporary and contemporary photography is due to its role as a fundamental vehicle to disseminate and study the works, both in their original and present state.”

To be visited until 30th May 2018, Exhibition hall of Bogota Archive, on the 2nd floor, Bogota, Colombia.

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